At the CFDR it is our duty and number one priority to comply with all government regulations, standards and laws. It is our aim have zero injury’s or incidents at our sanctioned events. All stakeholders, including the organizers, venue and participants must have acceptable and adequate insurance policies (General Liability and Aviation/Event Specific) in place before participating in any aspect of the event.

These policies have been defined with the various contracts and agreements executed between the organizers and their insurers. All racers are required to have insurance in order to comply with CFDR safety guidelines, specifications, rules and requirements. Please note that we accept both MAAC and CFDR insurance providers. The policy that is currently provided through the CFDR underwriter is a unit specific policy which may or may not suit your needs. Please click on the Insurance tab for more information from Hub international and a comparison between the current available polices.

Once you have completed the application it will be submitted to Hub International, once reviewed you will receive a quote and payment options.  The policy coverage will not be bound in effect until the policy has been paid and confirmed by representative from Hub International.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Administration.