Mission Statement

The CFDR is the official governing body, safety influence and national voice for organized multi-rotor, commercial and recreational FPV activities in Canada. The CFDR provides the official rules, safety standards, education and certification for multi-rotor racing, recreational and commercial activities, in addition to enforcing the regulations as set forth by Transport Canada. The CFDR fully supports the education, development and promotion of multi-rotor FPV racing as a recognized sport, commercial and recreational activity.

Donate Your Extras to Charity

Look around, see that extra motor that doesn’t match anything, maybe a couple extra 12A ESC’s and a old frame you don’t use anymore. Well this is your chance to put those parts to good use, DONATE your old stuff so we can use it to educate our future leaders!

Here at the CFDR we believe there is something special about building and flying your own drone. Not only is there an educational aspect that can open a young mind to the possibilities of this incredible technology, but an incredible sense of accomplishment by physically building something. In our virtual world, this tactile interaction is lacking and we intend to refurbish your donated equipment and help open eyes.

Want to help, it’s easy.

  1. Gather your old lonely parts and make a pile on your bed.
  2. Put your parts in a box.
  3. Mail that box to:
    Attn: Charitable Donations Committee
    724 Ste-Ferdinand
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4C 2T2

If you would like more information, please contact Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

Support CFDR

Your generous gift allows everyone the ability to explore new ideas and new worlds through this emerging, innovative industry. Together, as a CFDR supporter, we can offer trusted news and insights into Drone Racing today, tomorrow and in the future.

If you would like to make a charitable donation, please contact Public Relations and Corporate Communications.