The CFDR is a not for profit organization which is the official governing body for all multi- rotor and FPV related activities in Canada. We are the liaison to the only credible multi- rotor FPV unit specific insurance coverage in Canada at the present time. Primarily, we provide the official rules, safety standards and regulations for the sport of multi rotor racing, recreational and commercial and FPV related activities. We strongly promote the education, development and of drone racing, as a recognized sport and a worthwhile recreational activity.

The CFDR was created in order to deliver a level of standardization, direction and a national voice for the already established and potential drone racing leagues in Canada. There has been a significant lack of support in the FPV community in the regards of a governing body until now. We work closely with Hub International, the only credible insurance provider in Canada for FPV related activities. The CFDR has connected coast-to-coast experts to create the federation in order to share knowledge and further develop the Canadian FPV community.

  • The CFDR provides and regulates the official rules and regulations in Canada for use with in the National Drone Racing Leagues.
  • The CFDR provides a portal for personal and unit specific liability insurance policy for UAV pilots.
  • Add value to membership clubs that sign up in regards to rules, safety specifications, training and education.
  • Enforces the laws and regulations set for by Industry Canada and Transport Canada.