Matthew Zoern

In his professional career, Matthew has been at the forefront of emerging game technologies and genres. He has worked in MMO, mid-core, tablet, mobile and social games and has built a wide range of experiences. His work and life experience allows him to find creative solutions in a variety of ways, non-conventional ways at times, Matthew is bringing his unique approach and perspective to problem solving and business into the world of FPV, drone racing events, and Team Canada.

Matthew began FPV Montreal, now FPV Canada, in November 2014 and quickly established his group as Montreal’s leading Drone Racing community. Today, with over 600 members across Canada, Matthew is using his network to positively impact this new and rapidly growing drone industry. As the Event Coordinator and Business Manager of the 2016 Montreal Drone Expo, one of the largest FPV Events in the world and the largest in Canada, Matthew can boast a record of over 1,000 attendees, and world class racing.

His successes have been recognized by Explora – CBC Canada Television, CTV National News, print media and featured live on CBC Radio Day Break with Mike Finnerty. Matthew is taking the next step by putting Canada on the world stage in the sport of Drone Racing.

Co-Founder/Vice President
Ryan Stephan, PMP

ryan_bio_picRyan Stephan has worked tirelessly as a construction/project manager in the energy industry for the last 22 years. During this involvement Ryan has gained incomparable expertise working with a wide range of professionals. He has been referred by his peers as a ‘leader of leaders’, demonstrating a management style of collaboration, transparency, and compassion.

Additionally, Ryan has had a variety of successful businesses including a niche clothing company, an oil and gas consulting firm and a home and landscape design venture where he has won awards for his landscape brilliances. Ryan is also an accomplished musician, producer and former martial arts instructor.

Ryan has had a life-long love for anything RC. His interest spans from 3D helicopters, 3D planes and indoor carpet racing. For the last year he has been intensely involved in the multi-rotor FPV racing phenomenon. He is the founder and president of the West Coast Drone Racing League. It is his vision and passion to bring FPV racers and enthusiasts alike from coast to coast in connection to this exhilarating new evolving sport.

He holds a project management professional designation from the Project Management Institute and a variety of technical, engineering, quality, safety and other energy industry related qualifications and certificates.